FSC Racing

2016 Florida Cup Winners

Winners for the January 2016 Florida Cup held in a Whistler, Canada are:

1st Place
Space Coast Ski & Travel Club

2nd Place
Pensacola Ski Club

3rd Place
Orlando Ski Club

Past Presidents

2011-2014: Clair Quenzler
(Space Coast Ski Club)

2010-2011: Laurie Vest
(Orlando Ski Club)

2008-2010: Diane Peavy
(Pensacola Ski Club)

2006-2008: Michelle Moskowitz
(Miami Ski Club)

2004-2006: Bob Kendall
(Gator Ski Club of the Palm Beaches)

2002-2004: Kim Miller
(Orlando Ski Club)

2000-2002: Hank Rhawn
(Sarasota Ski Club)

1998-2000: Jim Nicholas
(Space Coast Ski Club)

1996-1998: Bob Thompson
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

1994-1996: Al Desilet
(Tampa Bay Snow Skiers)

1992-1994: Lenny Indianer
(Daytona Beach Ski Club)

1990-1992: Bob Davis
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

1988-1990: Pauline Boravicka
(Arias)(Miami Ski Club)

1986-1988: Tim Gaskins
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

1983-1986: Fred Wasserman
(Miami Ski Club)

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Even though we’re from the Sunshine State, racing is in our blood. We offer racing on every North American FSC trip, if the resort has a NASTAR sanctioned course, you can win NASTAR medals and points. If the resort doesn’t have NASTAR, there is still racing for FSC medals.

Learn about FSC Racing Rules.

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