Veterans Adaptive Sports

2016 Florida Cup Winners

Winners for the January 2016 Florida Cup held in a Whistler, Canada are:

1st Place
Space Coast Ski & Travel Club

2nd Place
Pensacola Ski Club

3rd Place
Orlando Ski Club

Past Presidents

2011-2014: Clair Quenzler
(Space Coast Ski Club)

2010-2011: Laurie Vest
(Orlando Ski Club)

2008-2010: Diane Peavy
(Pensacola Ski Club)

2006-2008: Michelle Moskowitz
(Miami Ski Club)

2004-2006: Bob Kendall
(Gator Ski Club of the Palm Beaches)

2002-2004: Kim Miller
(Orlando Ski Club)

2000-2002: Hank Rhawn
(Sarasota Ski Club)

1998-2000: Jim Nicholas
(Space Coast Ski Club)

1996-1998: Bob Thompson
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

1994-1996: Al Desilet
(Tampa Bay Snow Skiers)

1992-1994: Lenny Indianer
(Daytona Beach Ski Club)

1990-1992: Bob Davis
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

1988-1990: Pauline Boravicka
(Arias)(Miami Ski Club)

1986-1988: Tim Gaskins
(Jacksonville Ski Club)

1983-1986: Fred Wasserman
(Miami Ski Club)

About Veterans Adaptive Sports

Veterans Adaptive Sports is a non-profit charity organization that helps disabled veterans of all ages learn through instruction how to re-engage in sports and recreational activities. These sports/recreational activities consist of activities of which equipment has been developed or modified so the veteran can be accommodated and will allow them to participate. Currently our disabled veterans are paralyzed, visually impaired, and have various levels of upper- and lower-extremity amputations.

These veterans have participated in downhill and cross-country skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving, sailing, white water rafting, jet skiing, fishing and golfing. By far the most popular activity is skiing. Our veterans have been able to partake in two ski trips per year. Several veterans now have the skills and abilities to be considered experts. Our ski trips have been sponsored by Florida Ski Council and its chartered chapters for the past 10 years for which we are extremely grateful.

Visit the Veterans Adaptive Sports website.

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